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Heroes from the realm of light. I would not allowed it to end this way… not yet. If light and darkness are eternal, then surely we nothings must be the same… Eternal!

So one obtained the Senjutsu of the Six Paths… and one awakened the Rinnegan. Too bad that… I posses both of those powers at the same time!

Anger and Hate are supreme…

We will soon find out… who’s the most powerful between us!!!


Its going to be a good chapter! 

He threw away his pride to save Earth.

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Gohan is silently screaming at Goku’s math abilities.

It’ll be ok. Attack on Titan is coming

can’t wait for the next chapter i’ll be like



cos I can feel that shit is going DOWN in naruto 673

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An Ode to Saint Seiya Omega


Well our two year ride with Koga and Company is over. And I’d say its been a heck of a ride. If I recall I think I gave Season 1 ether a C+ or a B- grade. So what about Season 2?

Personally I’m one of the people who thinks that Season 2 was much better than Season 1. Was Season 2 perfect? No. But…


Dragon Ball Kai Episode 99 - Eyecatches


Some Dragon Ball Kai Opening Screencaps

Dragonball Z Kai (Buu Saga) Opening

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